Registration of Family Names as Trade Name

A trade name is the name used by a trader, whether an individual or a corporation, to distinguish the trader’s own business from the trader’s counterparts (*1). The trade name is an important corporate component for the trade store and is essential for each trade enterprise (*2). Read more



Restrictions and Effects on Completion of Foreign Companies Temporary Works

Article 202 of the Saudi Company Law (1437H-2015) states that a foreign company, which is licensed to practice its business activities, may exist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia temporarily for execution and completion of certain works within a specified period of time. Read more


Sources of Legal Obligations

The origin of an obligation is the cause which created the obligation (*1)  or according to which the obligation is deemed to have existed (*2)  . Legal jurists classify these sources into two categories: Read more


Frauds Involving Banking Instruments

Fraud in banking instruments involves changing underlying facts with a criminal  intention to cause    damage (*5) . Forgery is a very serious crime. In this context,  the Court sentenced Defendants I and II  who engaged in forging a banking instrument, represented  in  the form of bank power of attorney, bearing Defendant I’s  name and particulars, including statements of a client from whose account monies were withdrawn without his knowledge. Read more



Obligations of Beneficiaries and Developers In Real Estate Selling and Leasing

The rights and obligations of the beneficiaries and developers in projects relating to the  sale or lease of real estate units on the map are codified in decision number 1 – 220, dated 9-3-1439H, corresponding to 27-11-2017G, based on measures issued by  Council of Minister Resolution No. 536 dated 4-12-1437H.  Read more


Limitations on the Conversion of Companies into Another Legal Entity

According to the Saudi Company Law, a company may take the form of a general partnership, a mixed liability partnership, quasi-company, Joint Stock Company, or a company with limited liability. Read more


Obligations to Achieve Result and Exercise Care

In general, the civil obligation is a duty that the creditor can compel the debtor to enforce (*1). The obligation to achieve a result and exercise due care flows from this obligation based upon the subject or the place of the obligation itself. Read more


Compensation for Suspension of Banking Accounts

The administrative courts have jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 (c) of the Board of Grievances Law to resolve compensation cases initiated by  persons concerned with an administrative authority’s decisions or actions. The majority of judicial trends have concluded the necessary concurrence between the two actions (revocation (annulment) – compensation (tort), i.e., the requirements for ruling a compensation judgment are not necessarily the requirements for ruling a judgment for revocation, each ruling having its own basis .Read more



Positive Impact Approval of Electronic Means in Serving Summons 

The Royal Order approving using electronic means in serving legal summons (e-service) was enacted and became effective from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette on 9 Jumada Al-Awwal 1439 H, corresponding to 26 January 2018. This Royal Order included certain significant provisions and measures. E-service is deemed legally effective and duly served to the addressee if in accordance with the following provisions.Read more


Legal Highlights

Foreign Companies in the Kingdom Obligations and Liabilities   

First:  Foreign companies which are subject to the provisions the Saudi Company Law   
The Saudi Legislature addresses two types of foreign companies in accordance with the provisions of  the Saudi Company Law 1437H/2015: Read more