Banking And Insurance

Our team advises financial institutions and investors in capital formation transactions, and complex financings. We offer comprehensive advice on a variety of matters pertaining to banking and insurance transactions. 

We provide the preparation, drafting and reviewing of financing agreements and contracts to ensure their conformity with the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as being favorable and equitable to our clients, designing and development of capital-qualified debt and equity securities, and reviewing insurance policies to confirm their terms and conditions so as to ensure the realization of client’s interests and benefits therefrom.

With banking and insurance being vital to all areas of a financial system, we believe it is of extreme importance for investors and institutions to be up to date on all types of regulations regarding global markets. The complexity and globalisation of transactions, risks are often high, and our team is prepared to be there for our clients and offer them advice to help them navigate and achieve the best possible outcomes for them.

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