Mergers and Acquisitions

Our team is highly experienced in representing companies in mergers and Acquisitions matters.

We deal with many types of M&A transactions which include joint ventures and strategic alliances, takeover defence planning, strategic mergers, negotiated acquisitions and depositions, asset sales and purchases, corporate governance advice and general corporate counselling, amongst others.

We provide advice in a broad range of areas, such “anti-takeover” charter and by-law provisions and rights plan, directors’ duties and responsibilities, contingency plans, and board and committee structures.

Our qualified lawyers have experience on both sides of the deal table. They provide strategic and tactical consultations whether our client is the buyer or the seller, and thy have an understanding of all types of approaches to sale. Our clients’ objectives and goals matter the most to us, and our priority is ensuring that we reach them by identifying the key issues our clients are facing and taking the necessary steps to reach the most satisfactory outcome.

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