Alnowaiser Law Firm is a well-known law firm in Saudi Arabia with a team of experienced lawyers who specialize in Bankruptcy Law. We provide top-notch legal services to individuals and businesses who are experiencing financial difficulties in Saudi Arabia.

Our Bankruptcy Law practice area covers a wide range of services, including bankruptcy filing, debt restructuring, creditors’ rights, liquidation, and other related areas. We understand the complex and ever-changing laws and regulations governing bankruptcy in Saudi Arabia, and we strive to provide our clients with the best legal advice and representation in this area.

Other services

Financial Services Regulatory

Our team provides advice on various issues relating related to finances, such as anti-money laundering compliance, restructuring of boards and senior executive responsibilities, regulatory processes

Corporate Governance

At Alnowaiser Law Firm, we provide comprehensive legal services in Corporate Law to clients in Saudi Arabia. Our team of experienced lawyers has a deep

Family Businesses

The special nature of family businesses, their prevalent consideration for blood ties and inter-family relations in addition to the multitude of heirs of a deceased