At Alnowaiser Law Firm, we offer our multifaceted services in translation to assist you in your linguistic needs. Whether you are a company ready to globalize your business, or an individual seeking customized professional translation services, we are here to help!

With the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia having a massive increase of foreign business recently, we decided to offer our services in translation to aid companies to do business locally with ease and simplicity. Our team has the proficiency and adaptability to help you no matter the language you require and no matter the industry you work in, to ensure no one is left without the quality translation that they need.  

Our qualified translators offer a variety of services which include:

Converting text and audio recordings from one language to another language or multiple others.

Ensuring that the translated content does not steer from the original tone and meaning.

Preparing subtitles for videos and online presentations.

Editing content while maintaining its original format such as structure and font.

Cross-referencing translation tools and specialized dictionaries in order to check the quality of translation.

Proofreading translated texts for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

We offer the following translation services:

Translate written material and interpret speech from one language to another.

Provide document translation and website localization.

Translate technical, legal, judicial and financial documents.

Other related services.

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