Our team acts as counsel for our clients in matters related to data security breaches and misuses of personal information, as well as anti-fraud, imitation and misrepresentation, initiating legal actions under all applicable local and international anti-cybercrime laws. We also advise companies on cyberattacks and working with them on internal investigations and crisis response.

We provide registration of patents, copyrights, commercial trademarks, service names and marks, trade names, logos, emblems and all that is covered by intellectual property rights of creative and innovative material or mental artefacts. We handling litigation concerning cyber hacking and unauthorized access of websites and personal domains on Social Media websites and platforms.

We demand compensation for clients who have sustained damages resulting from violations of local and international laws for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and for the Protection of Consumer Rights, as well as compensation, financial and moral remedies against unauthorized access and the ensuing defamation to personal interests resulting therefrom.

Other services

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field that is transforming the way businesses and organizations operate. Saudi Arabia has been quick to recognize the

Real Estate

Our team advises our clients on a variety of real estate matters, and those include real estate private equity fund formations, joint ventures such as


Our team excels at representing our clients in international arbitral procedures, previously representing clients before the London Court of International Arbitration or other international arbitration