A Leading law firm in Saudi Arabia with more than 30 years of experience
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Founded by Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser, Alnowaiser Law Firm is a fast-growing national firm with offices in Riyadh and Jeddah. With over 30 years of experience, we place the interests of our clients as our #1 priority.

We are not like any other traditional firm; we are highly energetic, down to earth and strive to provide excellent services to our clients based on the highest standards of professional ethics. The reasons we are successful are concrete results and the satisfaction of our clients.


We provide sophisticated legal counsel and services through our highly motivated and committed legal team. Our lawyers hold decades of experience and are capable of adapting to the changing legal and economic environment.


Chairman Message

The legal challenges that individuals and companies face require rich experience and knowledge in the legal field, which is why I feel that Alnowaiser law firm is the right firm in providing all that our clients are looking for. We have the necessary expertise and the right spirit that allows us to be in the top of our field.


A successful firm is one that acknowledges the absolute necessity of team work. Our team knows that banding together, through the good and the bad, and having shared experiences makes us better and allows us to excel in our goals. To me this makes all the difference, and gives us the advantage of being able to selflessly provide for our clients.


We at alnowaiser Law firm have the integrity, the grit and the solution-based thinking that assures me we are in the right to strive for success. We persevere in our efforts no matter the obstacle and take full ownership in delivering on our commitment to excellence. But most importantly, we never forget that we owe everything to the efforts of each team member, and of course, to our clients.

What we are expert at

Legal Practices Area

Financial Services Regulatory

Our team provides advice on various issues relating related to finances, such as anti-money laundering compliance, restructuring of boards and senior executive responsibilities…

Corporate Governance

We provide executive compensation and contracts, internal controls and risk management, corporate governance-related disclosure requirements…

Family Businesses

The special nature of family businesses, their prevalent consideration for blood ties and inter-family relations in addition to the multitude of heirs of a deceased founder of a business…


Our team excels at representing our clients in international arbitral procedures, previously representing clients before the London Court of …

Real Estate

We prepare and review real estate agreements and contracts (sale, purchase or lease) to ensure full protection of the client’s interests…


Our team provides the preparation of various contracts and corporate regulations relating to the energy industry…

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