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Vice Chairman

Salman Alnowaiser

As the current Vice-Chairman of Alnowaiser Law Firm, Salman Alnowaiser takes a vision and makes it a reality through excellent strategic decision-making and development. His entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box thinking started at a young age when he sought to turn a simple idea into a business opportunity. After studying in the United States, Salman began his career at Alkhabeer Capital, a prominent Jeddah-based asset management firm, where he was involved in various divisions, such as real estate development, venture capital, and corporate communication. In 2017, he was involved in the process of starting Daahm Holdings, a limited liability company specializing in multiple sectors, such as real-estate, healthcare, digital transformation and artificial intelligence, which he remains involved with to this day. In 2019, Salman worked in one of the many programs launched under the umbrella of the Saudi 2030 Vision, Doyouf Al Rahman Program, which was created in order to enhance the experience and the ability of Hajj and Umrah. Currently appointed the Vice-Chairman of Alnowaiser Law Firm, Salman leads the firm’s organization and direction. He is a respected credible decision-maker and strategists who seeks to take the firm a step further with his excellent leadership skills and experience.